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(men) AnChus 2入一組寬版馬蹄鍊釦環皮質造型手環 (父子 / 情侶)

NT$ 5,980.00


寬約 14 mm


內圍尺寸約 20 / 17公分 (可客製長度)。飾品製造師金屬部份利用高質感鋼材打造,很適合歐美系造型的多環混搭。

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Made in Spain.

Set Two bracelets dad and son or his and her
Bracelet for dad and the son . Leather and zamak.
This bracelet a total width of 14mm.
The measured 5mm flat leather strand, and the strand 2mm round.
In black, darck brown, medium brown, camel, red, orange, purple, garnent, pink, gray, green, teal, navy, turquoise

Zamak is an alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper. It is hypoallergenic and has a high resistance to oxidation and aging. You can clean it with a cleaning cloth of silver.